Why Recipes with History?

If you have ever sat at a table in a restaurant, or at a friend’s house, and been told the story of the recipe of what you are eating, you know how it transforms the dish. It tastes better, it is more interesting, you are more engaged with not just the food itself but the place and its history.

When I travel, learning a recipe’s history is like the golden key that unlocks the window to the culture of where I am. It takes me from being an outsider to someone participating in the place, even in just a tiny way. It’s like an entry ticket to the community and its soul. In a funny way, it takes me from eating alone to sharing with the generations before who had this same dish.

It’s also like that first little thread that I can pull on to learn more of its history, meaning and provenance, connecting to both its present and past. One thing leads to another and you end up with a rich, textured tapestry instead of a flat photo.

This is why I have started this blog, to share this philosophy and experience, to enrich our travels and everyday lives, to be connected and part of a community. And, of course, to eat well!

Please try the recipes, make suggestions and comments, ask questions, and share!